2-1-1 Continues To Make A Difference

by Erika Brooks on September 18, 2012 at 6:27 am

2-1-1 continues to help southeast Ohio.

The numbers are in for the month of August and the volume of calls to the help-line keep increasing. Almost 1,600 calls were received last month. The 24/7 service focuses on getting callers in Muskingum, Perry and Morgan counties the help they need, when they need it. 

"It’s much easier and much smarter now-a-days with the gas prices to give us a call and then we can direct you to the place that would either have funding or be the place that you’re looking for to meet that need," said Call Center Manager Audrey Foster.

Keeping a log of calls helps the center better target where help is most needed, especially if needs have not been met in a specific area.

"We target ten percent of our calls as follow-up calls and we do that just as a measure of outcome, what are we doing, what are information are we giving out there, is it useful information do people actually take those numbers and referrals and follow-up on them, and we can write a report and see from there just how useful our information is here at 2-1-1," said Foster.

Harvest Corps volunteer Katie Law will be assisting in the 2-1-1 call center with resourcing, getting all information in the system up to date and beginning in January volunteering at the free tax clinics.

Volunteers are always needed at the twenty-four hour phone-line.

"We have a lot of other programs in our database here at 2-1-1 that can use volunteers and you can call here if you do want to volunteer somewhere, we would ask you a bunch of questions and be able to find out the right place for you," said Foster.

Foster encourages those interested to come out to the Zanesville Country Club Wednesday night at five to learn more about the pillars that the United Way is built on and how the programs offered through 2-1-1 can make a difference in people’s lives.