A Nutty Way To Raise Money For Kids

by Kelly Choate on September 21, 2012 at 6:36 am

The Zanesville Kiwanis Club is working for peanuts this weekend.

Kiwanis members and high school key club students are offering packets of peanuts in exchange for donations.  President Elect Kevin Pinson was stationed at Brandywine Boulevard on Friday.

"I’m not old enough to remember, but this club has been around since 1921," said Pinson.  "The sale actually started in the early days.  It’s a long-time tradition for Kiwanis."

Pinson said the sale typically brings in about $11,000 every year.  All of the profits go right back into the community.

"For the Christmas party, we invite the elementary schools in Zanesville to send us children," said Pinson.  "We have about 60 come out for a big pizza party and Santa is there.  We give each child toys and clothes for Christmas."

Volunteers will be back in action Saturday on Brandywine Boulevard and Bell Street.