Nichole Hannahs

AT&T Helps Expand Education

by Nichole Hannahs on September 11, 2012 at 6:38 am

A donation by AT&T is helping advance the educational opportunities for students at Zane State College.

The AT&T Foundation recently donated $20,000 to Zane State in order to purchase digital video equipment including an electronic mixer, high end mac computer, a professional production monitor and HD camera.

"i just marvel at the possibilities that this technology will enable as they move out beyond college and into real economy that’s out there," said Tom Pelto AT&T Ohio’s president.

Instructor for Information Technologies Dan Parsons explained, "I really tried to put together a list of equipment that would fit within the grant but also be start to finish solution for our students so they would be able to go out and conceptualize, shoot, edit and deliver a finished product."

Some student got to explore the equipment Tuesday and are excited about the possibilities.

"I’m very grateful to those people out there willing to give us the money so we can buy new equipment and grow," said Zane State Student Evan Wells.

Soon the technology will be put into place in to a new information technology center across the street from the campus.

"We feel that our advance science and technology center and the campus that we’re building in Cambridge is going to the east/west pillars of a high tech corridor and we feel that this high tech corridor will be able to build as it has Raleigh-Durham and Chapel hill built their research triangle," said Dr. Paul Brown, Zane State President.

While plans for the layout for the new facility are still in the works, Parsons hopes to have a studio area where people passing by can see the students working on projects.

"I’m most looking forward to a place where we have the space to set up lights and really create a picture in a space that’s created just for us and have all the cameras and lights up. That’s when I’m going to be really happy," said Parsons.

A groundbreaking for the new 40,000 square foot technology center is planned for September 27th.