Benefit Helps Those Battling Cancer

by Erika Brooks on September 30, 2012 at 12:24 pm

A sister honors her lost loved one by helping out others.

Saturday at the St. Rose Parish community center in New Lexington, Cheryl Dodson held the sixth annual benefit for her sister Kathy who died from cancer five years ago, a week prior to her first benefit. All proceeds go to supporting those battling cancer in Perry County.

"All the money we raise goes back to cancer patients so this is our sixth year of doing it and we’ve raised over $69,000 for the Perry County Cancer Alliance and every penny we raise goes back to them, every penny they get goes back to Perry County cancer patients," said Dodson.

The community shows their support every year by donating all the items for the live auction and food and drinks. A reason this is so popular is because of the good it does in the community.

"It’s definitely a help in this area, jobs are so limited anymore, insurance is outrageous for most people some of the don’t even have insurance anymore. People that do have insurance are driving five days a week to take chemo or radiation treatments and the price of gas is outrageous right now so it’s really helping, it definitely eases the burden."

Anyone interested in helping out the Perry County Cancer Alliance or the Kat Foundation can contact Cheryl Dodson at (740) 342-4610