Brandywine Boulevard Reopens In Zanesville

by Kelly Choate on September 27, 2012 at 6:42 am

It’s been months since Brandywine Boulevard closed in Zanesville, but the culvert project is finally complete.

The culvert collapsed back in March of 2011.  Public Service Director Mike Sims said crews have been working on repairs all summer and he appreciates the patience from the community.

"Everything is basically done," said Sims.  "There’s a small amount of work that has to be done to hook up a sign on Monday, but that will be off the street and out of the way.  All of the erosion control is in place as well as all the concrete liner.  The detour sign will be removed."

The project was kept well under the original cost estimate of $550,000.  Sims said the recent drought was actually beneficial in this case.

"Construction season was perfect," said Sims.  "Had it been a wet spring like last year, it would’ve been delay after delay.  There would have been additional costs because of the delays."

The pipe is expected to last about 20 years with annual inspections by engineers.