Campus Fest Aims to Get Students Involved

by WHIZ Reporter on September 5, 2012 at 6:29 am

Ohio University Zanesville took part in an event to get students involved on campus.

"Campus Fest" kicked off Wednesday and featured booths from different clubs and organizations from Zane State and Ohio University Zanesville.

Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator Christine Shaw said the event helps students get to know each other, which can be a challenge at a regional campus.

"We are a commuter campus, so a lot of times it is difficult to engage students because they work, or they have family obligations," said Shaw, "so events like this between classes, we do it at the lunch hour so we provide free food and allow them just to get to know each other in a social aspect."

Shaw said students who feel connected to the campus have a tendency to do better in their studies.

"Having student engagement on campus, and that’s one of the reasons we do a lot of the activities we do statistically shows that students do better," Shaw said.  "We retain our students more when they are actually engaged on campus, they have a support system for studying; just getting to know who their faculty are and being able to talk with them."

Shaw said as a student involvement event, OU-Z students will also have the ability to attend an upcoming Ohio University Football game in Athens.