Christ’s Table Thanks Farmers for Support

by Erika Brooks on September 25, 2012 at 6:27 am

Despite the tough growing season, farmers and producers are still finding ways to donate their produce.

Christ’s Table has benefited significantly from the generosity and Executive Director Keely Warden wants them to know what a difference they have made at the food pantry.

"They still have continued to be so generous to Christ’s Table and even if the corn wasn’t big enough or the green peppers had a little bit of holes in them, even though they couldn’t sell them and that’s been really tough on us they continue to donate here at Christ’s Table and we just want to tell everybody thank you for that," said Warden.

The donations save the pantry about $125 a day, which for Christ’s Table is a lot of meals. When the drought hit, Warden was concerned what the farmers were going to be able to do for the pantry this year but she says they were able to pull through.

"We depend on our producers a lot in summer. Our donations are monetary are traditionally down during the summer, that happens every year but it’s a good time in the year for monetary donations to be down because the fresh produce and the fresh vegetables and fruit come through the door," said Warden.

Thanks to the donation of fresh fruits and vegetables Warden was able to offer more nutritious meals at Christ’s Table.