Coming Home Reunion

by Erika Brooks on September 2, 2012 at 12:27 pm

People are coming together to remember the "good old days" in Zanesville.

The Ohio Eighth Ward Committee hosted its annual Coming Home Reunion at the Civic League Community Center. This is the eighteenth year for the reunion that joins neighbors from years past.

"It’s great to come back and see all the people that you grew up with, their kids, now it’s their kid’s kids," said Carolyn Jenkins, 8th Ward Committee Member.

What started as a small gathering of residents on Turner Street has now become a large reunion for anyone who lived in the 8th Ward. People from as far as California and Texas returned home for a chance to re-connect with old friends.

Visit and see old friends and expand on our memories. That’s mostly what we have, the freeway took some of our area away and so now to be able to come back and see how it’s grown but we’ve been able to keep some of the memory alive and that’s the main purpose," said Bill Day, 8th Ward Committee Member.

There was a smaller turnout this year, but the committee was happy to see the faces of those who were able to make it.