East Fultonham Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday

by WHIZ Reporter on September 24, 2012 at 1:02 am

An East Fultonham woman is celebrating a milestone birthday.

Margaret Bole is turning one-hundred years old.

She spent the afternoon surrounded by family and friends at the Bethesda Shelter House.

Bole said she doesn’t have any secrets to living a long life, but she’s an advocate for hard work.

"I Lived on a farm, and was raised on a farm, got out and pitched hay, worked around like that," said Bole.

She brought her companion of 17 years to the party.   Bole’s dog, Muffin, is actually 104 in dog years.

Her daughters say they’re happy to see their mother reach the century mark.

Every night she says a prayer for her dog.

"I’m just real thankful that she’s made it and that she’s in as good of health as she is and she still seems to know the people and enjoy life, especially her dog," said daughter, Betty Clayton.

"She always told people that she would live to be 100," said daughter, Bonnie Mumaw, "And like she said a lot of hard work and stuff."

Bole was married for 49 years to her husband, Denver and has two daughters, two grandchildren, four great grandchildren, and one great great grandchild.