Engineers Ask Commissioners For Bridge Funding Assistance

by WHIZ Reporter on September 17, 2012 at 6:31 am

The Muskingum County Engineer’s Office is asking for help from the County Commissioners to replace a bridge in Zanesville.

Doug Davis and Matt Russell met with the Commissioners Monday morning regarding the Grant cliff bridge, near prophet’s park.

The Engineer’s Office is seeking $560,000 to use for local matching funds and right of way acquisition.

"Back in 2003, there was an agreement with Muskingum County and O-DOT to have that bridge replaced," said Davis. "Muskingum County still currently owns that bridge, even though it’s on a state route. And when the bridge is slated to be replaced, Once it’s replaced, then O-DOT would take ownership for that bridge here and after, forever and the county wouldn’t have any maintenance responsibilities on that structure anymore."

The total cost of the bridge replacement would be $2.7 million.

Davis said federal money has been earmarked for the replacement of the bridge.

The 2003 contract according to Davis means that O-DOT would replace the bridge, but the county will have to provide funding.

"The 2003 agreement that the Commissioners signed back then slated that O-DOT would have the bridge replaced, they would do the design on the structure," added Davis, "but we have to acquire funding for the replacement of the structure."

The Commissioners raised concerns that funding could be an issue, and discussed alternatives to replacing the structure.