Japanese News Crew Comes To Zanesville

by Kelly Choate on September 20, 2012 at 6:46 am

A Japanese news crew came to Zanesville as part of a tour across Ohio.

They’re here to learn more about political advertising in the United States.  The broadcast media in Japan is highly regulated.

"Our TV station is a public TV station," said Daisuke Yamaguchi.  "It’s very unique.  It’s like BBC.  Our stance is basically neutral."

Earlier this week the group had an opportunity to ride on President Obama’s press charter bus.  The role Ohio plays in the upcoming election isn’t lost on them.

"Ohio is a very important and interesting state in the presidential election," said Yamaguchi.  "It’s a big swing state, so to know what happens in Ohio is really interesting for us."

The crew plans to spend about a week in Ohio.  NHK has a bureau in Washington D.C.