Mid-East Alums Honored

by WHIZ Reporter on September 27, 2012 at 5:13 am

Mid-East Career and Technology Center is recognizing distinguished alumni and their contributions to the community.

Alumni Alan Law, Terry Tysinger, Brent Valee and Catherine Lyons were recognized at the annual Fall Advisory Committee Banquet.

Public Information Coordinator Stacey Snider said recipients are evaluated by a committee and then selected based upon how they use the skills they have learned at Mid-East in their lives.

"All of them have had at least at some point in their careers really exemplified what career and technical education is all about," said Snider. "They’ve used it in their occupations and their jobs, they’ve also used it in the community. Several of them have even come back and taken advantage of adult career and technical programs that are offered."

Mid-East Superintendent William Bussey gave an update on renovations being done to the campus.

Following the update the four honorees were recognized.

Student Placement Coordinator Shannon Kenily said the skills students learn at Mid-East last a lifetime.

"The most unique thing is they get that hands on training," said Kenily. "That is so valuable in today’s workforce, just to have the hands-on skills, whether you stay a carpenter, or you go to do something else later on in life, you always have those skills under your belt."

This is the tenth year the career and technology center has recognized its outstanding alumni.