Nichole Hannahs

Minor Accident Involving West M Bus

by Nichole Hannahs on September 10, 2012 at 6:33 am

An accident involving a West Muskingum School bus delays the start of the school day for students on board.

The accident took place around 7:45a.m. at US 40 West and Dillon Falls Road. The State Highway Patrol’s Trooper Mike Forshey said the West Muskingum Bus was stopped behind a green S10 Blazer at a stop light on Dillon Falls Road, when the light turned green the Blazer hesitated and the bus coasted into its back end.

Both vehicles suffered only minor damage.

"There was one student that was transported and it was more of a precautionary thing. They don’t appear to be injured at all, but we rather be safe than sorry," said Trooper Mike Forshey.

While the students were being loaded onto another bus to be taken to school, a few motorists ignored the bus’ stop signs and attempted to go around the vehicle. Trooper Forshey said this could have caused another more tragic accident.

"There worst thing that could have happened was one of the kids could have went around the wrong side of the bus for whatever reason, dropped something and stepped out in front of traffic," said Trooper Foshey. "There’s not good situation to passing a stopped school bus with its lights on and is loading children. There’s never an excuse for you to go around the bus when they’re loading kids."

The driver of the bus was cited in the accident. Trooper Forshey said the bus was taken to Lucas Bus Garage and will be inspected before being put back into service.