NBA Legend Addresses Student Crowd at Muskingum University

by WHIZ Reporter on September 30, 2012 at 5:26 am

An NBA legend spoke to hundreds of high school students from across the state.

Jerry Lucas spoke to an audience of 600 future educators who gathered at Muskingum University for the annual State Conference of the Future Educators Association of Ohio.

Lucas has cultivated many memory retention techniques which he shared with students Friday.

He said everybody has the ability to have super memory abilities.

"We all have the ability to store pictures in our mind. If I say, "Do not see a Zebra," in your mind, you have to see a Zebra; "Do not see a Giraffe," You have to see a Giraffe. Children learn more the first 5 years of their life then they do the rest of their life, because everything their learning has an identity. Their parents identify a cat, a dog a horse a cow a tree, they register a picture that can’t be forgotten," said Lucas.

The OSU Basketball superstar has made many appearances on the old, "Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson, and "The Merv Griffin Show" demonstrating his abilities.

Lucas told us how a friend gave him the nickname, "Doctor Memory."

"Well, I’ve had that nickname for probably about 35 years. I’ve written probably 70 or 80 books on memory training and learning, and I had a friend call me, "Doctor Memory" one day, and and I said, "Hey that sounds really good!"  So, I copyrighted the name, and I’ve been known as "Doctor Memory" ever since," he explained.

Lucas was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame in 1979.