Outdoor Education Day for 7th Graders

by Erika Brooks on September 28, 2012 at 6:39 am

A camp in Washington County combines fun and learning for area junior high students.

At the beginning of every school year, incoming seventh graders at Morgan Junior High descend upon Hervida 4-H Camp for one day of hands on learning, outside the classroom. Several Morgan High School students volunteer their time at the outdoor education day.

"We have a variety of stations, my station I’ve run for the past four years is ice cream and they make bracelets and bottle rockets and all kinds of outdoor games, it’s a lot of fun," said Morgan High School student volunteer Joe Ramirez.

172 students attended this year’s education day. Not only does the camp teach students science and allow them to participate in outdoor activities, it also teaches team building skills.

"I know some years they have a spider web, that you have to help people get through, you have to lift them and trust everyone to get everyone through and this year everyone has to be on a sheet and you have to flip the sheet but you can’t get off of the sheet," said Morgan High School student volunteer Morgan Kussmaul.

The day is also special because it introduces new students to each other as the three elementaries in Morgan County combine into one junior high.