Resolution Asking Hillis To Resign Voted Down

by Kelly Choate on September 10, 2012 at 10:06 am

Zanesville City Council voted down a resolution asking Law Director Scott Hillis to resign.

Last month Hillis was found guilty of soliciting and criminal trespassing charges.  Tonight he was the center of a non-binding resolution that questions his ability to perform his duties.

"The actions and choices of the law director indicate, to me anyway, that he’s above the law," said Councilman Stephen Kilpatrick.

"If you are arrested, you go to court, you’re found guilty and you pay the penalty, how is that above the law?" said Councilman D.J. Dittmar.

"Only the voters of the city of Zanesville have the power to decide if Scott Hillis will serve another term as the city law director," said Councilwoman Sandy Gentry.  "This is the law."

"We could wait three years for a new election, and certainly the will of the people will prevail one way or another, but I think that we have trusteeship ourselves to act as guardians of the public trust in this matter," said Councilman Mark Baker.

"From a business standpoint, we have a responsibility to address this, and if we don’t, then we set ourselves up for the criticism that sometimes comes with political office," said Councilwoman Ann Gildow.

"I admitted I made a mistake," said Hillis.  "I stood before a court to be judged and accepted their duty under the Constitution is to judge me.  I took what they gave me, and I’m living with the sentence.  However, under the U.S. and Ohio Constitution, Mr. Kilpatrick, that’s not your job."

Council members D.J. Dittmar, Sandy Gentry, Grant Hutcheson, Ted Zakany and Connie Norman voted against the resolution, while Stephen Kilpatrick, Mark Baker and Ann Gildow voted in favor of it.  Councilman David Tarbert abstained.