Special Needs Cat Looking For Loving Home

by Kelly Choate on September 14, 2012 at 6:40 am

The animal shelter in Muskingum County is asking for your help.

Scooter is a one-year-old female cat in desperate need of a loving home.  Executive Director Jody Murray said her back legs were injured so she struggles to walk.

"We’re still evaluating what she needs, but she will need extra attention in terms of meeting her daily needs like her food and litter box activities," said Murray.  "It’s not going to be a cat that you can just let loose and not take care of."

Murray said that despite her special needs, Scooter would make a great addition to any family.  She is very friendly and enjoys being held.

"She has a sweet personality," said Murray.  "We’ve been working with her and keeping her out at our front desk with our staff.  It almost seems like she smiles at you when you’re holding her and petting her, so I think it’s a cat that, if someone is willing to have the time and be able to care for her, then she is going to make a lovely pet for somebody."

If you’re interested in adopting Scooter, stop by the animal shelter to fill out an application.  The Pet Smart in Zanesville is holding a $10 cat adoption drive this weekend.