Special Week for Area Catholic Schools

by Erika Brooks on September 25, 2012 at 6:27 am

It’s all about celebrating the parish, the community, the parents and students.

It’s Catholic schools week for St. Benedict of Cambridge, St. Rose of New Lexington, Bishop Fenwick and Bishop Rosecrans. The week began with bringing together all four schools into St. Nicholas church for mass.

"What a better way to kick it off than being in church together celebrating with all the kids that can feed into the high school and to let our families know all about it here," said Bishop Fenwick principal, Kelly Sagan.

After the mass, fun activities are planned with all the schools throughout the rest of the week, ending with homecoming for Rosecrans on Friday night at the football game. This week is very special for students and families.

"We get to incorporate our family life, our church life today we have all of the feeder schools that feed into Bishop Rosecrans celebrating mass together but it just gives us a way to let the kids know that their catholic heritage is an important part of who they are and who they are going to become," said Sagan.

Sagan says incorporating all four schools helps the younger students witness traditions and cultures of other churches.