Spotting the Symptoms of Lyme Disease

by WHIZ Reporter on September 10, 2012 at 6:39 am

Officials at the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department want you to be on the lookout for symptoms associated with Lyme disease.

Doctor Vicki Whitacre said the most common symptom is a rash that forms from a few days up to a month after a tick bite along with fever headache and swollen lymph nodes.

"What you look for is the start of a rash. It’s a red rash," said Whitacre, "it might be a little itchy and it sort of spreads in a convoluting, twisting manner and it can form actual bullseyes, like you see on a target.

Antibiotics are available for those who are infected.

Whitacre said its easy to prevent the spread of Lyme disease by using insect repellent containing the chemical "deet" and by checking yourself, your children and animals for ticks immediately after hiking or hunting.

"Check your hair, wash it, and check all over your body or have someone else look in areas you can’t see or use a mirror," said Whitacre, "and you want to do that any time you’ve been out hunting, hiking through the woods, or been around animals that might carry ticks, particularly if you have outside dogs."

Whitacre said to dispose of ticks by flushing, burning, or smashing them until dead.