Tribute to Civilian Conservation Corps Enrollees

by Erika Brooks on September 23, 2012 at 12:49 pm

Zanesville got a glimpse into history Saturday at the John McIntire Library.

Author Bill Jamerson presented a music and storytelling program about the Civilian Conservation Corps. The CCC planted ninety million trees, built hundreds of dams, constructed over three thousand miles of truck trails, stocked fish, fought forest fires and built several state parks. 

"The CCC had a lot to do with Blue Rock State Park and so there’s a lot of people in the area that know about that and there’s a lot of people that actually were part of the CCC that are still in this area so we’ve had a lot of interest in the program," said Head of Adult/Young Adult Services, Linda Hatfield.

There is a multitude of great history in Muskingum County and the library is a perfect place to learn all about it.

"The library is great partners with a lot of the historical organizations, genealogy, the pioneer and historical society, so e can partner and bring people in and allow them to have access to the history that they might not have had otherwise," said Hatfield.

The library tries to bring in a historical presenter once a quarter to bring more people into the library and provide a cultural aspect for Zanesville.