A Cause For Caseyne

by Kim Tewalt on October 16, 2012 at 6:37 am

A few months ago 32-year-old Caseyne Sanford noticed pain and a lump in her right arm. She was diagnosed with Sarcomatoid Carcinoma, a rare cancer for a woman her age. Caseyne had the option of amputation or chemotherapy, and chose to keep her arm and take the treatments. Now friends are trying to raise money to help her with expenses.

Caseyne is no stranger to the effects of cancer, she lost her mother to breast cancer when she was only fourteen, but never expected she’d be the one receiving chemotherapy. She currently goes to the James Cancer Hospital in Columbus for five days at a time. She receives chemotherapy twenty-four hours a day for those five days, then comes home for two weeks before going back for more treatment.

"Physically, from what I’ve seen, from the day before she went in her first time to the time she came out of her second treatment, it has gone down immensly, the tumor that’s in her arm." explained Anitta Jones, friend and event coordinator. "She’s fighting to keep her right arm because she’s a ball player and she doesn’t want to lose her throwing arm. She’s just going to do whatever she needs to do to keep her life, keep her arm and keep everybody’s spirits up."

To help Caseyne, friends have organized a two-part event to take place November 3rd. It will start with a run/walk and bake sale at Zane Landing Park in Zanesville, and end with a night event at the Blue Front Cafe. The money raised will help relieve Caseyne of expenses such as rent, utilities, and travel costs, all of which insurance doesn’t cover.

"It’s always a struggle. Anybody will tell you, even if they have insurance, you still have your co-pays to pay, you still have your medicine to buy, and everything keeps rising. If you can’t work because you’re sick, yeah, insurance is great, but you can’t cover all your costs with insurance money. " said Jones.

Sponser sheets for the Zane Landing run/walk are available at the Blue Front, Terry’s Tavern, Healthy’s on Brandywine and the Hampton Inn. The event starts at 1-0 a.m. November 3rd and will include face painting and bounce houses for children.

A Chinese auction will also begin at 10 a.m. at the Blue Front, followed by live music, food, and other activites beginning at 4 p.m..

For more information, or to make a donation, click the link on the left side of the screen.