College Enrollment Down Statewide

by Erika Brooks on October 2, 2012 at 6:34 am

College enrollment is down across the state.

Enrollment has dropped 5.9 percent since last year. Zane State College hasn’t seen a change in their enrollment but they were prepared if that were to happen.

"We actually did plan for a reduced budget, our goal was to try and offset and not let that happen to us as far as headcount but we also knew that there would be a tendency for students to take less credit hours," said Dr. Chad Brown, Executive Vice President at Zane State College.

The enrollment decline is attributed to changes to federal financial aid and a record number of students graduating last year ahead of the semester conversion.

"We saw probably our largest graduating class ever I think it was up by anywhere from fifty to seventy-five students in the spring and then again additionally in the summer time. So a number of students did try and accelerate the process so they could get out under the quarter semester rather than making the transition," said Brown.

Last year 13 of the 23 community colleges in the state made the transition to semesters along with four state universities