Combating Addiction and Abuse

by Kim Tewalt on October 30, 2012 at 6:33 am

A meeting was held this week for a new group trying to make forward progress in the battle against drug and alcohol addiction.

The Drug and Alcohol Coalition brings together law enforcement, health officials, public officials, concerned citizens and many others to shed light on Muskingum county’s abuse problems.

"In doing this this way the whole community gets involved and will have a greater impact, we as a group will have a greater impact on the drug and alcohol program." explained Muskingum Behavioral Health Executive Director Steve Carrel.

Unlike any group in the past, the team will aim to combat drug abuse from every possible angle, starting with spreading the word about local problems.

"It’s all of our problem." said Carrel. "Anybody driving down the road, one in ten people is under the influence of alcohol, on average. On the weekends one and eight. If you add drugs, it’s about one in eight or nine during the week, and about one in seven or eight on the weekends that you pass. It effects us all."

For the short term, the group is working to get to know each other and put plans in place. Long term goals include the creation of support groups and safe, sober housing. Carrel estimates the Coalition has about 50 people so far, and expects the community to see an impact in 2013. If you are interested in becoming part of the drug and alcohol coalition call 740-454-1266