Congressman Tiberi Stops at Adornetto’s

by Kim Tewalt on October 29, 2012 at 12:27 pm

 Congressman Pat Tiberi made a stop at Adornetto’s in Zanesville Sunday. Tiberi spent time talking to supporters, who gathered at the local restaurant for lunch. The person-to-person campaign style isn’t new to Tiberi. The Congressman says he has done similar events for the past five or six campaigns.

"Obviously Muskingum county, or most of it, is new to the 12th district." said Tiberi. "It’s part of taking our person-to-person campaign into communities and new communities in our district to canvas the area. 

The Congressman says he would like to turn the economy around by utilizing resources like energy to create jobs. He says the state currently has 23 million people out of work, and that number increases if you count those who are under-employed.

"People who want to work full-time, but can’t find a full-time job so they’re working part-time and are counted in the work force." explained the Congressman. "So that unemployment number isn’t exactly right. So we need to get people who want to work back to work, and those who are under-employed, employed in a better job."

Tiberi is running against democrat Jim Reese this November to keep his seat as the 12th District U.S. Representative.