Couple Turns Front Lawn Into Graveyard

by Kelly Choate on October 8, 2012 at 6:39 am

We’re weeks away from jack-o-lanterns, trick or treating and candy corn, but a Zanesville couple is celebrating Halloween a little early.

If you take a drive down Maple Avenue and turn on Garden Road, it’s not hard to figure out which house we’re talking about.  It’s safe to say Russ and Raz Cleaveland take their holiday decorating pretty seriously.

"It’s a lawn full of ghosts," said Russ.  "We have the seven blow ups with all the spiders, cartoon characters and the straw man.  It’s mainly just a lot of ghosts and a lot of lights now too.  At night you can see the lights."

The couple decks out their front lawn for every occasion, but they’re passionate for the orange and black.  Even their dog Tinkerbell sports a special dress this time of year.

"We do it for our grandchildren and a lot of neighbors come by to see it," said Raz.  "We have people from out of town.  People from Newark stop by and they come every year because they know we’re going to decorate."

Russ and Raz hope to inspire future generations of Halloween enthusiasts.