Dispatchers Needed to Help Fix Overtime Issues

by WHIZ Reporter on October 10, 2012 at 9:58 am

The city of Zanesville is looking to hire back three retired dispatchers on a temporary basis to help alleviate overtime issues.

At Tuesday’s city council meeting, an ordinance was introduced to hire the dispatchers for no more than four months to allow for current dispatchers to take vacation days.

Council President Dan Vincent said two regular dispatchers are hired and have been trained, but must complete a training process before starting.

"We have two that are ready to start, but it’s still a very long process," said Vincent. "We’ve had some dispatchers that have worked very long hours for a long time now for many months and they’re getting kind of tired, which is understandable and they need a break."

In other council news, council passed an ordinance to pay the settlement of a public records lawsuit between the city and resident Carl Robinson.

Until the case is over, Vincent said he is unable to comment directly but does say the decision is in the best interest of the city and taxpayers.

"Council put a lot of thought into this and they felt that this was in the best interest of the taxpayers to take the route that they did as far as passing this legislation that it would be less expensive this way for the taxpayers," added Vincent.

As a result of the absence of three council members, the readings of proposed emergency measures were unable to be waived.

Vincent said an emergency meeting may be held to pass such time sensitive ordinances.