George Hiotis

Exotic Animals Moving To Colorado

by George Hiotis on October 9, 2012 at 6:25 am

The exotic animals that were being held in Perry County are now on their way to a sanctuary in Colorado. You may remember earlier this month when we reported that the State is helping Andrea Morris find a new home for four bears and four lions since she can no longer take care of them and can’t meet the requirements of a new state law.  Ohio Department of Agriculture official Erica Pitchford-Hawkins tells Whiz News that some of the animals that are heading to Keenesburg, Colorado are from the Muskingum County Farm of Terry Thompson.  He released more than 50 animals in October of 2011 and then committed suicide.  Pitchford-Hawkins says any transfer of dangerous animals is prohibited in the state since a new law went into effect September 5th.  Tuesday’s move had to be authorized by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.