First Friday Featured Artist

by Erika Brooks on October 3, 2012 at 6:25 am

This First Friday art event will feature a familiar face.

Michael Seiler is no stranger to being First Friday’s featured artist but don’t expect to see the same artwork as in the past. Seiler says his painting process keeps evolving and he is always discovering something new about himself and the world.

"I keep a journal, an art journal that’s kept here in the studio and I just write down ideas when I see something I write it down when I do a sketch, a photograph put it in there. I have so many ideas I’ll never get them done in my lifetime," said Michael Seiler.

Seiler’s paintings merge asphalt and regular house paint to create a unique and interesting piece of art. Seiler’s wife Kathleen adds to his final presentation by pairing her poems with his work.

"I look at the artwork and then we kind of decide what the mood is and then I pull the poems that match those moods and very often they’re from similar time period. It’s a collaboration, not a science," said Kathleen Seiler.

Seiler’s work can be viewed in his gallery located on the corner of Market and 4th Street.