Gas Prices Drop Around Zanesville

by Erika Brooks on October 19, 2012 at 6:39 am

Finally….the news is good for a change when it comes to gasoline prices.

Here in Zanesville gas is hovering around 3 dollars a gallon. In fact area drivers were in a long line at the Speedway on Maple Avenue where gas was $2.97 a gallon. We also heard reports of gasoline at $2.97 a gallon at Sam’s Club on the north end of town. We stopped at JJ’s on Linden Avenue where gas is $3.03 and talked to drivers.

"I think they’re alright right now but they’ve been a little out of hand here lately. It’s just rough on the economy, with them being so high and everything, so I think it’d be alright if they stay the way they are right now," said Timothy Roberts.

Mike Ankrom said, "I’m enjoying it right now I’m going to bring me in a big drum tomorrow and fill it up if it’s still low, I think they’re going to keep going down."

"I’m glad to see that they’re finally coming down but I think it’s just because of the election, everybody’s talking about it so of course they’re going to drop down and after the election, probably they’re going to skyrocket again," said driver Brendan Dube.

Stacey Rice of Columbus said, "I’ve heard people say stuff about the election. I don’t know if I believe that. I just take it for what it is and get gas."

While Zanesville is seeing low prices, the national average only dipped to $3.72 Friday.