Goodwill Receives Unexpected Donation

by Erika Brooks on October 17, 2012 at 6:32 am

Goodwill Industries in Cambridge receives it’s largest donation ever.

Captain Dave Schlosser and his wife Donna of Pleasant City, Ohio handed over the keys and title of their 60-foot, 25-ton sternwheeler, "Old Glory".

Dave personally created "Old Glory" and after taking it up and down the Ohio River for years, he says it’s time for someone else to enjoy it.

"I’ll miss her but when you get something so big and you get so old you can’t take care of it anymore rather then see it deteriorate I’d rather see it go for a good use," said Old Glory Captain, Dave Schlosser.

Goodwill has the opportunity to sell "Old Glory", proceeds will be used to provide job training and placement services for those struggling to find employment. Goodwill is able to provide these services thanks to donations, but they never thought they would receive something of this magnitude.

"It was a tremendous surprise for Goodwill when we got the phone call, would we be interested in the boat. We went down and looked at it and totally surprised it was unbelievable," said Goodwill manager Dan Hartman.

To find out how to become the new owner of "Old Glory" contact Goodwill at 740-450-6060 ext. 103