Helping Horses in Need

by Kim Tewalt on October 22, 2012 at 12:31 pm

With winter just around the corner, volunteers gathered to help one non-profit organization prepare for the cold.

W.H.I.N.N.Y. Horse Rescue in Crooksville held a volunteer day Sunday to prepare their facilities for the colder weather. About fifteen people came out to help the organization, which offers refuge, rehabilitation, and adoption for horses in need.

"We’re just working on repairing the barn, basically weatherproofing, setting up all the stall with sawdust, things like that, just getting it ready so when the horses are raedy to come in with the snow it’s set up." said Public Relations Manager Aimee Cain.

Because domestic horses are kept in a barn on different feed schedules, Cain says the animals can’t just find a place to keep out of the cold in an open pasture.

"If we don’t get all of this set up, they have no relief from the cold and harsh weather, so it’s absolutely vital to their safety." she explained.

Since the horses need to be able to seek shelter away from the elements, the help from volunteers is extremely important. Cain said some of the people who came to help today knew nothing of the organization, they just wanted to lend a helping hand.