Holiday Bazaar

by Erika Brooks on October 25, 2012 at 6:38 am

Eastside Community Ministry is helping you get your holiday shopping done early.

Thursday from five until eight, the ministry held their annual Holiday Bazaar. Fourteen vendors were in attendance this year showcasing a variety of items. Eastside receives a percentage of all sales from the vendors. The Bazaar was established after the ministry wanted to create another fundraiser for their organization.

"We were trying to do something special for the Holidays and we didn’t have any fundraisers around this time of year and so it was a brain-storming idea that really took off," said Interim Director Anna Marie Catt.

Catt says the community appreciates the fundraiser, and thanks to word of mouth the event gets bigger every year.

"Every year somebody else comes I think the first year we maybe had like four to six vendors, so we’ve tried to get more of a variety and plus we have people on the waiting list wanting to participate."

The bazaar brings in around four-to-six hundred dollars every year for Eastside.