Home Struck By Car Twice This Month

by Kim Tewalt on October 29, 2012 at 12:26 pm

A Zanesville family is considering moving now that two vehicles have struck their home just this month. Back on October 2nd, WHIZ-TV brought you the story of Terry Schell, who had a car stike his car and home on 1138 Greenwood avenue. Now the damage to the home Schell rents is much more extensive, following an accident Saturday morning. While he doesn’t know the details, he does know that a gaping hole in the place he calls home is a huge problem. 

"My landlord came over here and said he thought he was dreaming." said Schell. "He came over and seen it, bricks lying everywhere, I mean it shifted the whole house."

Schell was concerned for his family’s safety after the first wreck, but the second has prompted him to take action. 

"Soon as he gets the other house done I’m moving." said Schell. "I’m not messing around with this no more, this is dangerous."

Schell says he’d like to see the city either put up stop lights to slow drivers down through the area, or put up a guardrail to prevent cars from hitting the home.