Jobs on the Mind in County Commissioner Race

by Kim Tewalt on October 15, 2012 at 6:41 am

The November General Election is right around the corner. On Sunday a candidates forum was held at the John McIntire library in Zanesville.

One of the races Muskingum county residents can expect to see on the ballot is the County Commissioner race. Republican Todd Sands, former Commissioner John Bates, a democrat, and current appointed commissioner, independent Steve Strauss are vying for the four year term commencing January 2nd, 2013.

"I want to bring good, high-paying jobs to Muskingum county and I want to safeguard our tax dollars." said Sands. "I want to see the county and the city officials and township trustees working together to better the community"

"What we need to do is have more job ready sites." explained John Bates, former county Commissioner. "It’s a proven fact, if you have job ready sites, industry will come. If you have nothing to show them, they won’t come, and that’s the number one thing in all counties is jobs."

"Be involved in shale industry, Be involved in the new colleges that Dr. Brown is envisioning with Zane State College. It’s great for our community. Wouldn’t it be neat if people came to Muskingum county to get an education and to get a job? That’s what we’re working towards." said incumbent Steve Strauss.

Tune in to WHIZ throughout the week to hear more about the candidates, including the other County Commissioner race, term commencing January 3rd, 2013.