Nichole Hannahs

Learn More about the Candidates

by Nichole Hannahs on October 9, 2012 at 6:25 am

You see the signs around town, you may even see or hear their ads. But, have you heard from the candidates running for office in person?

This Sunday, the American Association of University Women will host their annual candidates’ forum. Nineteen candidates from most of the contested elections on the ballot will take the stage to give a three minute presentation of their position.

"The best advantage is to hear the person without all the hype of the ads that we’ve been smothered with in Ohio this year," said Helen Harper. "Things I’ve discovered is people watch body language. They watch the interaction and they can mingle. There will be an opportunity during the intermission to mingle with the candidates."

Following intermission the candidates will answer prescreened questions from the audience.

"Some of them are picky," said Harper. "Some of them want to make their point rather than to ask a general question, but many of them get to the heart of issues that are out there and the candidates respond well to those."

The candidates’ forum will take place Sunday at the John McIntire Library Auditorium. The event begins at 7p.m.