Medicare Check-Up

by Erika Brooks on October 11, 2012 at 6:44 am

Senior citizens in Muskingum County had a chance to learn about their Medicare options…

The Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program held a free Medicare check-up at the Center for Seniors today. The event is part of Ohio Lieutenant Governor and Department of Insurance Director Mary Taylor’s initiative to give seniors a better understanding of their choices when it comes to Medicare.

"Knowledge is helpful to them because there are over thirty-some Medicare part D plans in the state of Ohio and then there are I’m not sure how many insurance companies that offer insurance for Medicare for seniors," said Center for Seniors Supportive Services Director, Debra Smith.

The presentation coincides with Medicare’s October 15th to December 7th annual enrollment period. The sessions are intended to help people review changes to Medicare and determine their best coverage options.

"There’s a lot of insurance companies out there to sell Medicare plans and you have to really be careful in choosing especially a Medicare Part D plan because if you’re taking a certain prescription they can choose not to cover it at all," said Smith.

Ohio Senior Health Insurance will also host a counseling session on November 1st, (call the Center for Seniors to make an appointment at (740)-454-9761