Miners in Romney Ad Cause Controversey

by WHIZ Reporter on October 2, 2012 at 10:55 am

A voter advocacy group wants Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney to stop using an ad containing coal miners who say they were forced to attend a rally in Beallsville in August.

ProgressOhio and its Executive Director, Brian Rothenberg filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission stating that the attendance of coal miners from Murray Energy was considered a campaign contribution as their presence was considered valuable by the Romney campaign.

Rothenberg also alleges that the miners stated that the mine was closed for the day and they were not paid for the day of work that was missed.

He also said that the miners feared they would lose their jobs if they did not attend the rally.

"I think those workers didn’t have anyone representing them on this issue and I think they’re kind of fearful for their jobs," said Rothenberg.  "I just think it’s wrong, It’s wrong of the Romney Campaign to use the ad with the mine workers that were there against their own will, it’s wrong of the company to have done it and they should voluntarily pull any footage of using that event."

According to Rothenberg, the actions of Murray Energy violated federal campaign finance laws and that the footage of the miners should not be used by either party.

Rothenberg said he would drop the complaint if the Romney campaign agreed to stop using footage of the miners in their ads.

You can read the full complaint filed to the FEC by Rothenberg and ProgressOhio by clicking the link on the side of the page