National Fire Prevention Week

by Erika Brooks on October 12, 2012 at 6:44 am

As temperatures drop, fire departments offer guidance on ways to avoid house fires this fall and winter.

During National Fire Prevention Week Zanesville firefighters visited area schools with their fire safety house to show children how to react if a fire breaks out at home.

"We like to get the younger kids involved in that, teach them how to stop, drop and roll, how to get out when there’s smoke in the area, teach them how to check the door with the back of their hand that way they don’t burn their palm," said Zanesville Firefighter Kenny Jones.

The fire department also spoke to homeowners about the importance of inspecting fireplaces, making sure chimneys are clean and ready for use. Fire prevention week also acts as a reminder to check that household detectors are in working order.

"It’s nice to get in the habit maybe once a week or so check your smoke detectors, hit the button make sure it’s still working. You want to have a smoke detector and a CO detector at minimum," said Jones.

Fire safety should be a year-round activity for families, Jones says its important to have an escape plan if a fire were to break out and to always use caution with any heat source.