Nelson T. Gant Chili Fest

by Erika Brooks on October 26, 2012 at 6:22 am

Members of the Nelson T. Gant Foundation were cooking up something special for the community Friday.

The annual Chili Fest delivered nearly two hundred orders of chili. The meal includes 16 ounces of chili, a cookie, soda and crackers. The chili was homemade by the foundation’s own Susie Whataker. The event wouldn’t be possible without the help of volunteers.

"Thank goodness for the volunteers because we were running short this year and so we had quite a few people come in and help," said Gant Foundation President, Connie Norman.

Funds from the chili fest go toward the Gant House building expenses. The fest continues Saturday at the Gant House from 11 until 3. If you cannot attend, the foundation will also be delivering, call (614) 946-4052 to place an order.