Paul Ryan Talks Jobs in the Y-City

by Kim Tewalt on October 27, 2012 at 11:52 am

Vice presidential canididate Paul Ryan was in the Y-Bridge city Saturday.

Hundreds gathered at Zanesville high school in support of the Romney campaign. Several republican politicians and candidates from the local and state level spoke before Ryan, including Governor John Kasich.

Once Ryan took the stage his main focus was jobs.

"We’ve got a big choice." said the vice presidential candidate. "This isn’t just who’s going to be President for the next four years. We’re not talking about small things. We have serious problems in this country that require urgent, immediate, serious solutions."

The solution, according to Ryan, is to utilize coal, natural gas, oil, and other renewable resources.

"If we do this, that means American energy dollars go to American jobs." explained Ryan. "That helps manufacturers, that brings down our price of energy."

Ryan says the path to prosperity is getting people the skills they need for job creation. He says the current generation is obligated to fix today’s problems for generations to come.