Prayer Run for Baby With Heart Condition

by Kim Tewalt on October 23, 2012 at 7:12 am

A Prayer Run is being held at Tree of Life church for a local boy who will be facing open heart surgery between ages two and five.

A prayer run is similar to a poker run. Instead of going from bar-to-bar, those in attendance will go from church-to-church to pray.

When Chrissy Holliday was 28 weeks pregnant she found out her son, Elijah, had a heart condition. It wasn’t until after birth that doctors realized how serious it was.

"I had him at Ohio State, and they transferred him right straight to Children’s." explained Holliday, "It’s called coarctation, part of his aorta is narrowed. Then they found out that he had multiple other conditions, so at 6 days old he had a hearth cath to see what was going on, then at 12 days old he had heart surgery."

Doctors also found that baby Elijah had Scimitar Syndrome, a rare congenital heart defect, along with a hole in his heart. Because of the syndrome, Elijah will have to return for open heart surgery to repair his pulmonary vein. Holliday says the expenses can be overwhelming.

"We have one bill, for his room and board and stuff, that was $585,000, just for his room and board." she said. "That was in the coronary heart ICU, but I’ve not even got bills from doctors yet, so we just don’t know what we’re facing."

Despite his conditions, Chrissy says Elijah has remained strong. The Prayer Run will start at Tree of Life church, then continue to churches in nearby counties. Registration runs from 11a.m. to 12 p.m., Saturday, October 27th. Cost is $10 for the driver and $5 for each passenger. There is no cost for children under 5 years old.