Pumpkins Flourish Despite Drought

by Erika Brooks on October 10, 2012 at 6:46 am

Thanks to the hot, dry summer there is no shortage of pumpkins.

While many farmers have been hit hard by a severe drought, the popular vine plant had little issue producing a good crop. However, it does matter how farmers care for their plants during the growing season, those who irrigate usually have bigger and more pumpkins than those who don’t.

"This has been a great year on our farm for pumpkins. We probably had twice the yield that we had last year so obviously pumpkins do a little better with dry feet than they do with wet feet," said Bill Huston, owner of Huston’s Farm Market.

Pumpkins thrive in dry weather because it slows down fungus and mold. But, the drought could have just as easily had negative effects on the pumpkins.

"One of the most important things when you plant these usually late June, mid-June that’s when we were the dryest and it’s hard to get that seed to germinate and get it out of the ground," said Huston.

Other growers in the county had good yields as well thanks to the spot showers they got, while others didn’t do so well because they didn’t get the much needed rain.