Safe Home Heating Tips

by Erika Brooks on October 12, 2012 at 6:45 am

More heaters are getting turned on as the weather gets colder but its important they are in working order before firing them up.

While space heaters and furnaces can help homeowners stay warm, its critical that they be used properly. Checking heating sources is the only way to know they’re ready for another winter.

"As far as your furnace goes it’s best to start early in the season. You should have already turned it on now and find out how well it’s working, if you’ve got hot air running, check the filter, simple thing like that you can clean it or else you can replace it, it’s best to replace it, they’re inexpensive, so that it doesn’t cause a safety issue," said Home Depot employee, Frank Berlo.

It’s also a good time to check carbon monoxide detectors, and always keep the area around the furnace clear to prevent a fire from catching. Another form of heating, space heaters can also pose dangers.

"Now you must have a thermostatic controlled space heater as well as an automatic shut-off because if anybody bumps into it, knocks it over it’s going to automatically shut off," said Berlo.

Inspect all appliances before plugging them in, if wires are frayed or the unit is dysfunctional, don’t use it to heat your home.