School Bus Safety

by Kim Tewalt on October 23, 2012 at 7:11 am

The Zanesville Police Department is doing ride-alongs with Zanesville City Schools for National School Bus Safety week.

Police Captain Tony Coury says the most common violations come from drivers passing school buses with their lights on while loading or unloading kids, and speeding in the 20 mph school zones. Coury says so far this week, everything is going well.

"We didn’t see any violations." said Captain Coury. "We had two officers ride the school buses. We had myself in a marked patrol unit, just following some buses."

Coury says the police department wants to ensure that kids get to school and return home safely. They will continue to look for violators throughout the week. Coury says the penalty for violators isn’t as simple as paying a fine.

"We do write citations, and it’s not a payable citation." he explained. "The law says that you must appear at Municipal Court. At that time you have to explain to the judge why you passed a bus with the flashing lights."

Coury want to remind motorists to pay attention when behind buses and in school zones.