SEOSO Opening Concert

by Kim Tewalt on October 29, 2012 at 12:32 pm

The Southeastern Ohio Symphony Orchestra held their opening concert of what they’re calling the "Pushing Forty" season. A medley of music from ‘West Side Story’ and Symphony Number 9 from ‘The New World’ resonated through the halls of Brown Chapel on the Muskingum University campus Sunday.

"Our Maestro, Dr. Laura Schumann, countless hours of researching the music, getting the pieces together." said SEOSO Business Manager John Kunkel. "She’s a composer herself and sometimes she’ll make sure it’s the way she wants to have it. The hours, they’ve been practicing now for months. Every week for two months."

Kunkel say many members of SEOSO are professional musicians, music teachers, and even students. He says the hard work and dedication shine through in the final product.

"Music drives everything." explained Kunkel. "Everybody’s touched by music, ears, different sounds. When I was young classical music was in the cartoons, so I have much appreciation for classical music. We should be proud that here, in a very small area of the country, New Concord, Ohio…we have a wonderful, wonderful symphony orchestra."

Sunday’s concert featured jazz violinist Christian Howes. On November 29th, SEOSO will play a free holiday concert at Secrest Auditorium in Zanesville. Kunkel says the concert is a gift from sponsors, the university, and the symphony for area citizens.