George Hiotis

State Release School Grade Cards

by George Hiotis on October 17, 2012 at 3:58 am

The State today released report cards for schools in Ohio.  It had been delayed amid a statewide review of student attendance data.  In our area here is how the schools performed:  Tri-Valley, East Muskingum and Northern Local Schools scored the highest with Excellent rating meeting either 25 or 26 of state education standards.  Then the following school districts recorded an Effective rating…Franklin Local, Maysville, New Lexington, Coshocton and Cambridge.  The Zanesville City School District recorded a grade of Continuous Improvement which is the same as last year.  The final report cards won’t be released until State Auditor Dave Yost finishes his investigation into attendance rate discrepancies in some school districts.

*Report Card Chart*

Tri-Valley 25 of 26 – Excellent/Excellent (2011)
East Muskingum 26 of 26 – Excellent/Excellent
Northern Local 26 of 26 – Excellent/Excellent
Franklin Local 19 of 26 – Effective/Effective
Maysville 21 of 26 – Effective/Effective
New Lexington 19 of 26 – Effective/Effective
Coshocton 22 of 26 – Effective/Effective
Cambridge 17 of 26 – Effective/Effective
Zanesville 12 of 25 – Continuous Improvement/Continuous Improvement