Students Threatened While Heading Home

by Kim Tewalt on October 31, 2012 at 6:24 am

A small group of Maysville High School students were threatened by a man after getting off the bus Tuesday afternoon. The incident happened on Pembroke avenue in South Zanesville. South Zanesville Police Chief Eric Finley says the father of two of the children told police that the students were chased from the bus stop. The suspect, whose name is not being released, also threw a brick at the juveniles, but did not strike them. Chief Finley says the incident is concerning.

"This happened at a time when children were getting off the school bus. The time of the year, kids are going to be out, today’s Halloween. We’re going to have several thousand in the village in just a little while, when trick-or-treat starts, so we have to keep our kids safe." explained Chief Finley.

The suspect is believed to be homeless, and provided law enforcement with West Virginia identification. Director of Safety for Maysville schools, Ric Roush, says the students responded to the incident appropriately.

"They immediately contacted a parent, and let the parent know exactly what happened." said Roush. "The parent then did the right thing by contacting law enforcement right away. The other thing, the students appear that they did not provoke the individual in any way. They didn’t do anything toward him, they just did the right things that we ask them to do."

The students were also able to give an accurate description to police, leading to his arrest. Charges of Aggravated Menacing and Assault have been filed, and the suspect is currently in the Muskingum County Jail. Nobody was injured during the incident.