Taking Steps To Fight Hunger

by Kim Tewalt on October 15, 2012 at 12:40 pm

Volunteers are working to end hunger one step at a time.

Since 1978 the Zanesville CROP walk has raised more than $250,000. That money is split between local and international hunger relief. 25% of the funds help food banks in southeastern ohio. The remaining 75% is given to people suffering around the world.

"Even though we have those needs here, we are still so blessed compared to the rest of the world." said Gwen Mendenhall, Zanesville CROP walk Co-Coordinator. "Hunger is the leading cause of death among children throughout the world. A lot of people around here just can’t relate to being hungry, but there definitely is a great need throughout the world."

When the event was first started, farmers would send grain overseas to help those in need. Now the organization teaches sustainability.

"They encouraged the people in the third world countries when they get seed that they not plant it all." explained Mendenhall. "They should always save some for the next year in case they have a bad crop."

The goal was to have 200 walkers and raise $11,000. Iit’s never too late to help. Donations are still being accepted at First Christian Church on the corner of Dresden road and Military road in Zanesville.