The Race Continues For Commissioner Candidates

by Kim Tewalt on October 16, 2012 at 6:38 am

The November General Election is just a few weeks away.

The two candidates fighting for the Muskingum County Commissioner term commencing January 3rd, 2013 had an opportunity to speak out at last Sunday’s candidate forum. Incumbent and Democrat Jerry Lavy is facing Republican Eddie Brock in the fall election. Lavy says it’s been an honor an privilege to serve as commissioner, and says he would like to continue to move the county forward.

"My number one priority, and has been, is keeping Muskingum county fiscally sound. By doing that it will also help to create jobs. Once [businesses] see that the county is financially stable, businesses take a look at that, and will come in to play that  "they’re doing well, so it must be a good community to succeed" so that’s what we hope to do. " explained Lavy.

Opponent Eddie Brock says his fourteen years of military service and his twenty-five years of combined private and public sector experience would bring a diverse background to the county commissioner’s office.

"We need jobs. In 2008 the unemployment rate was 9.3%. In July it was 9.6%, it did go down a little, 8.3%, but the state’s at 7.2%. We need to create an environment where we can have good paying jobs here in Muskingum county and have great infrastructure." he said.

Stay tuned to WHIZ news, radio, and web to hear more from other candidates throughout the week.