The Race For 20th District Ohio Senate

by Kim Tewalt on October 17, 2012 at 6:28 am

The race for 20th District Ohio Senate is just one of the races you’ll see on the ballot in November.

Incumbent and Republican Troy Balderson has served on the House Finance Committee and served as Chair of Finance for the Ag and Natural Resources Committee. His background in budgeting and payroll is what he says sets him apart from his opponent. Balderson is looking to finish the work he has already started in Columbus.

"The number one focus that we must have is jobs, and take care of the jobs that we have right here now, and work with those industries, work with those small business owners. Small business owners are over 70% of what we have here in Ohio." said Balderson "I take great pride in this work, and I want to be the hardest working legislator there. that’s what I take pride in doing."

Democrat Teresa Scarmack joined the campaign as a result of Issue 2/Senate Bill 5. Her platform involves delivering quality education to all students throughout the state. Scarmack describes herself as a highly educated and responsible individual.

"I’m for safe jobs. I’m for jobs that are long-lasting, and jobs that will be helpful to the community. I don’t believe that hydraulic fracturing or horizontal drilling is the way to go at this point in time." said Scarmack. "As one of ten teachers running for state office, I’m hoping to get into the general assembly, hoping I can be a voice that can be heard there, and hoping that will make a difference in how our local economies are run and our school districts will be funded in the future."

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